Tuesday, May 24, 2011

sorting & purging

I have been working on organizing & purging myself of stuff I no longer want or need in all aspects of my house...I think that I watched one too many episodes of Hoarding: Buried Alive. lol  So I tried to sell some stuff at a scrap tag sale which brought in $50 towards scrapping supplies. yay!! And today I am trying to throw out other things in my craft space.  But what do I do with all my magazines??

There are a lot of knitting & crocheting mags and with a few crafting ones in there. So I fear throwing them away because I may want a pattern from them one day & it won't be here.  I don't feel like spending $5 for one pattern when I got he magazine with a bunch of patterns for $6 or $7. But until I want to use those patterns they are taking up valuable space & collecting dust. I can put them in the basement...I suppose. But that is just 1 more bin down there. A crazy idea of scanning everything ran through my head, but that is just too much to go through.

If anyone has a good idea please tell me. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Are the magazines filled with patterns you might use, or maybe just 5 or 6 pages out of 50? What I've done is tear out the few pages of the magazine I wanted and put them in a page protector in a three ring binder. (I have a jewelry binder, a card binder and a scrapbook binder). That way I can recycle the rest of the magazine that won't be of any use to me.

xx Starla B.

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