Friday, June 10, 2011

10 things i need to use it or lose it

hi everyone!

first i am going to apologize that there are no pictures on this post. my camera died. bummer!! i have only had it for 3 years too. so i did go out & buy a new one, a sony cybershot. not sure if it was the best choice.  we will find out. i was going to get a SLR but it's too bulky. and i was leaning towards the cannon, but the sales guy and my husband swayed me over to the sony.  i think that i will get an SLR when my mommy bag gets lighter. i like carrying my camera everywhere because you never know when there will be a great shot : ) so once the camera is all fired up i'll add to my 10 things

10. the kids' toys. they are piling up and over running the house. i need to sift through them to get rid of the unplay with & unwanted ones & bring them to goodwill.

09. fabric. i have a huge bin of fabric that i have to figure out what to do with. i have made a couple of quilts and clothes but i need to figure out how to use it or where to donate it.

08. yarn. i have maybe 2 or 3 big bins of yarn. all for projects that were planned but never touched. there are a skeins here & there that i just loved the color but didn't know what to do with. and it has been hard to knit/ crochet with my 2 1/2 year old. she is quite the active kid. i always forget where i am in my pattern & have to pull it apart to get to a part that i know. hopefully when she starts school i can start up again.

07. my big xyron adhesive applicator. i haven't used it in forever. maybe the next tag sale i will sell it.

06. eyelets. i have a little stash, but haven't used them. so there they sit.

05. cork. i have saved the cork from the wine bottles for ages now thinking that i have to be able to do something cool with this stuff other than a message board. i still have to find something. they may end up in the garbage soon though.

04. clothes. i have several bins of clothes that i need to sort through and give away to charity. and i have tons of tshirts that need given away or make into something.

03. sweaters. yes i know they are clothes, but i have some wool sweaters that are outdated and i thought that i would make something with them...they are sitting in a garbage bag by my sewing machine waiting for something to happen. they were some of my favorite sweaters back in the day. and i hate to get rid of them.

02. ribbons. i have tons of ribbon. i would make things for my daughter's hair and use them in projects. but my daughter is not into the ribbon thing at the moment. so most of my ribbon is just collecting dust.

01.  paper. i would buy paper stacks thinking that i would use all of it and find out that i would use a sheet or two and it has been piling up. i did sell some of it at the tag sale, but there was some paper that i have and wonder what was i thinking?! i don't like this paper. i am trying to use it up in collages.

by de-cluttering i hope that it promotes wonderful positive energy flowing through my house. any ideas about this stuff? what are your things that are piling up and not being used?  i would love to hear what everyone has and not using.


Starla B. said...

I loooove ribbons! I can never have enough of them. =)

As for the you use decorative pins in your projects? I saw a girl with a cute pillar/cone of cork that she used to organize her pins. Maybe you could create something like that.

The clothes and toys...I think donating them is a fabulous idea. I try to go through my clothes every spring/summer to week out clothes I don't wear anymore. Then I drop them off at shelter drop-off bins.

The stuff I have piling up: beads. Lots and lots of beads. I used to make jewelry, but I haven't really since I started paper-crafting. Now I have a bunch just sitting around. I should probably use them, but no ideas have come to me.

xx Star

Em said...

i'm just the same with ribbons and paper! it's all gathering dust ( oh the shame :-) )

i have a sony cybershot too, its great for when i can't be bothered fiddling with settings on my slr.

Connie said...

cute post~I have stuff like that that I need to loose or use!!!

Rebekah said...

Oh man, I would miss my camera so I'm sure you do. But kudos to you for still documenting life as you did!!

Sherry C said...

Love your post! I'm currently trying to do the same thing in every room of my house!

jenlynnie said...

two peas has a clip on what to do with ribbon & there is a challenge to go with it.

furrypig said...

that is such a great list of things to sort and do! I ned to concentrate on this a bit more in my home!!

Anonymous said...

I need to do a list like this. Most would be on the lose it side.

jenlynnie said...

thanks for all the feedback. it is giving me the extra push to get through my list. maybe my list for next month will be 10 things that i organized. still thinking about it.

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