Wednesday, June 29, 2011

collage re-visited

Hi everyone! Summer vacation isn't much of a vacation for me. Is it for anyone out there other than the kids? I remember my mom saying to me "Go out & play." And that is what I did. I hung around the neighborhood. These days it is playdate plans and day camps and anything else I can find to entertain the kids and exercise their minds and bodies. I am exhausted and still have dinner to make. I have to find the right flow to things and then I think that I will be movin' and groovin'.

I did touch up my collage that I previously made

I added the word "Love" and some hearts. I thought that I would add more. But then I think that things would get busy. Now to find a place to display it...


Sandra said...

Oh I remember long summer holidays too, and your right as kids we were out from early mirning until bedtime :) oh happy memories.

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