Tuesday, June 14, 2011

water colors

Hi everyone!

I have to tell you that I not good at drawing. But I love collage & making my own background papers with stamps and stencils. I usually use Twinkling H2Os or acrylic paints or water color crayons. But I have just stumbled upon some water color paints in the art section of A.C. Moore and I love them.

These are Cotman water colors. Now if you are big in art & painting this is nothing new to you, but it is new to me & I love them. You see, the only water colors that I ever really knew were the packages with the circles of paint & you dip your brush into them

I never got the desired look from them. But the tubes are AwEsOmE!! I love creating with these and can't wait to collage with it.

So funny how I have steered away from the art section because I never considered myself an artist. But recently, I had a moment of clarity & realized that I am holding myself back & I am very much an artist in my own right.  I remember asking someone at Michael's about the paints, and she told me that those were for serious artists. She then directed me to the Folkart acrylic paints that are $1-$2. I'm not complaining. Those paints work just fine. But to say that I am not serious about my craft is just wrong. I think that we are all great artists and we invest a lot of ourselves into our cards and layouts. They aren't worth hundreds & thousands of dollars. They are priceless. I hope that our kids & grandkids & other relatives are able to look at our work and see & hear us for generations to come. So the better the quality of supplies the longer our creations will last.

Well, thanks for listening to me. I am off to paint and collage and bake cookies because my daughter volunteered me to bake for a school event. lol

Have a great day!!


Starla B. said...

Oh, I would have smacked that girl! Not really, because I'm not a violent person...but still! I definitely would have walked out, but I'm lucky to have more than one Michaels close by.

I can't wait to see what you do with the watercolors!

Tracy Jedi said...

I absolutely love your backgrounds that you make...can't wait to see what you do with the watercolors! =D

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