Monday, July 11, 2011

hot air balloons

Hi everyone! I posted a project that I made in the last post & I thought that I would talk about it here.

I love hot air balloons. I grew up in Michigan and would see them all the time flying by my house. Sometimes they would get close enough to the ground to wave to us or drop us free goodies. They were magical. My imagination would wonder and take me to so many places in those balloons that I would see. My favorite times were when I saw them as the sun was setting. The sky was so beautiful and then came along some lovely balloons. When I visit Michigan now, I don't see them. It is a very rare site. But growing up it was the norm. So much so that I had a dog who was deathly afraid of them. She would break away from us and beeline it straight to the house and hide on the porch. We would find her just shaking and looking at the sky trying to avoid them. I am trying to convince my hubby to take me to a hot air balloon festival one of these days. But they start so early in the morning that he is reluctant to go. He isn't enamored with them like I am.

For my piece,I used foam board & painted over it with acrylics. Then I took some fabric from my bin and added it for the ground and for the balloons. Then I used some ribbon to dress up my balloons a little. I then added string and used some newspaper to make the baskets for the balloons. Then I added some Flower Soft being sprinkled off the hot air balloons. I stamped on the bicycle and used some Tim Holtz stamps throughout the piece. The girl is made with some newspaper and various papers from my stash. I have no idea who made them. I painted over some of it and painted her hair.Then I randomly added white paint and used black ink to edge the piece.

I am not sure if it is done just yet. I think it is missing something. But I will have to sit on this one for a while to figure out if it is done. Have a great night!


DonnaMundinger said...

OOOh, more mixed media! Love, love, love! I've always loved the idea of a hot air ballon ride. They have them in Napa but my DH sin't interested wither. Must not be a guy thing, eh? (It can't be the early bit because he's up at 4:30 every morning and he's retired!) Anyway, this is fabulous! xxD

DonnaMundinger said...

Sorry about the typos (and I haven't even had a glass of wine yet.) LOL xxD

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