Thursday, January 19, 2012

what i want to accomplish

Hi Everyone!!

My plans for the week went right out the window when one of my girls got sick. She has been sick since Sunday night. But the doctor says it is just viral and we just have to wait for it to run its course. So I am stuck at home to clean and play with her and my art goodies.

As I am in a constant battle to de-clutter my life, I am driven by the belief that I will create a beautiful place to grow and learn lots of fun things, a place to create art, a place to have a beautiful life, and a place to dream. The more I say it and the more I write it the more likely it will come true, yes? I hope so.

For this piece I drew my girl on sketch paper and cut her out and placed her on my background. The other materials that I used were acrylic paints, gesso, liquitax ink, pitt pens, and paint dabbers.

Have a great day. And if you are in the Pacific Northwest, I hope that the weather clears up soon.

Thanks for stopping by : ) Until next time!!


Tracy Jedi said...

This is beautiful!!! I love your girl! Love the expression on her face and her gorgeous lips! Keep up with your enhances your life in so many ways!

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