Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I have been busy the last couple of weeks trying to help out with my kids' class parties and projects. And that left very little time to do any blogging. I have made cute little gifts for all their classmates.

The boats are origami and the turkey is an Inky Antics stamp. The sail is a nestabilities die and the pole is a skewer. The turkey is colored with Copics. I had color 18 of these guys. My printer is still not working. I am ready to just go out and buy a new one. Behind the sail is a little chocolate turkey that I got from Munsons. The boat will float in water. So the kids could bring it home and race it in the tub before tossing it out.

I also made these

The stamp is an Inky Antics again colored with Copics. This one was for the preschool class. After eating their lolly they have a cute little puppet to play with.

Outside of these, I had to help my girls decorate turkeys. My preschool didn't really care much in decorating. So I had to do most of the work. My second grader is more independent and did most of the planning and decorating.

She had to disguise her turkey. So she chose to make her into Annie from the Magic Treehouse books. She is smelling a flower to hide her beak and is carrying a Magic Treehouse book in her pocket and a medalion.

My 2nd grader also had to create a rocket and it was so hard for me not to jump in and create and color everything. I wanted this to reflect her creativity. But when I looked at all the other rockets the other kids made, I saw that other parents did most of the work. So I don't know if my daughter will win a prize, but she had fun creating it.

I did help her to prop up the fairy on top and xeroxed the fairy at Kinko's for her. The theme for the rocket was to be based on any book.

I had a little time to work in my sketch book and I  made my own Thanksgiving  girlie.

I used pencils and as you can see I didn't get to finish her shoes. I wanted to put her in my art journal but had no time. next week I'll do it.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I appreciate all the comments that you have given me. I look forward to the crafty craziness of Christmas and can't wait to share everything with  you.

Until next time!! Enjoy the festitivies if you're celebrating the holiday. xoxo


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