Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy 2012!!

Hi everyone!! I am a little late wishing you all Happy New Year but I have been trying to rest from all the holiday craziness. It is so nice to be able to sit and not have to get anything made or done by a certain time. I still have to get the Christmas stuff down, but I will leave it up til 3 Kings Day. I don't celebrate it but it is a good excuse.

Christmas was fun. Lots of presents for the kids at our house and at both grandparents' houses. We travelled to MI and had just enough snow to go sledding down the hill in front of my parents' house.  By the next day the snow was melted.

The trip home was a little chaotic but we made it back and trying to get back on a normal sleep schedule. The kids quickly got used to going to bed around 11p.m. which doesn't fly during school days.

This weekend we are just taking it easy and bumming around the house. So nice to be able to do this. It was 50-60 degrees today. And we had a blast riding bikes in the driveway and being silly outside. Odd to be doing this in January when it is supposed to be frigid.

This year I am going to continue on my crafting journey and keep working on my drawing skills and my art journal. I am straying away from card challenges. I will still be making cards, but just for fun right now. I am also working on all my photos and scrapbooking them. And finally I will be knitting, crochetting, and sewing more this year. I look forward to sharing all my work with everyone.

Thaks for stopping by : ) Until next time!! xoxo


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